Sunday, November 14, 2010

tis official.

It's official. 
I'm moving to San Diego in January!
This place is amazing, and the family is even better. I'm so excited to start a new life... it's going to be hard at first I'm sure, but I'm ready.
I am a little bit nervous about leaving my life behind.. but then again, I haven't made much of a life for myself in St. George anyway. I will miss the few close friends I have made there, though.
This is where my blog will come in handy.. I will keep you all updated on my adventures on the coast. I'm sooooo stoked!
But for now: must.....finish......semester....strong. gah.

I mentioned yesterday that San Diego has the coolest sunsets.. yeah...

Day 17.

Brucey and Allitron. 

aren't they precious?
I love my parents. 
They are the most supportive and loving people ever. 
The love they have for each other is something I hope to find someday. 
Thank you for being you and making me, me. 
I love you guys.

Today I am thankful for: Cameras.
Think about it.. every special moment can be captured with a camera.. whether it be a video camera, or a good ol still camera. Cameras give us the ability to hold onto our favorite times and maybe our not so favorite times.. Our first love, our first "myspace" picture (you know, the one where you are holding the camera about 12 inches above yourself and making an emo or kissy face), the lovely new additions to the family, pictures of old loved ones who have passed on, that moment that you tie the knot, the winning shot at the high school basketball game, and everything between. Cameras are beautiful.


  1. JENNA! I'm so excited you're taking the job! That's so cool. Can't wait to hear about it. We'll be penpals from east coast to west.

  2. I love your moms hair at that length. SO pretty!!