Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How I feel

How I feel when I realize Season 3 of GIRLS doesn't start for 4 more months:

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Wedding Weekend in GIFs

When I saw the rooftop view: 

When I found out there was an open bar:

When I realized black is an "unlucky" color to wear to a wedding and all I brought was a black dress:

When I gave my toast:

When my brother's toast was better than mine:

Whenever the photographers came around: 

Me at the food table: 

Me attempting to dance: 

My niece's reaction when she saw people kiss: 

The people attending their first gay wedding: 

Congratulations Josh & Thomas!

Well Hello.

It sure has been a long time since blogging. I say that every time I post, because this last year I have absolutely sucked at keeping this thing updated.

But here is my info purge from the last few months--

I graduated early May, said Goodbye to my Noodles life.. then spent most of the summer job searching and hanging out with my cute guy. Job searching is so damn stressful-- I am happy to say that after much stressing and resume-sending, I got a job that I love!

I got a job at a marketing company in Salt Lake City called Clearlink. I do social media and blogging for 2 in-house brands. My team is great, and I've already made some good friends. It's a perfect first job out of college and I'm already learning a lot.

I moved to Downtown Salt Lake! I love my apartment and living in the city. Honestly the best part about it is being 15 minutes away from work. The commute from Ogden to SLC got old real quick, and I had to do it for 6 weeks. I live with two amazing people and I truly feel like it's my first big kid apartment (mainly because I brought my queen bed). I'm happy here for now.

This guy moved back to St. George for one more semester. Womp womp womp. I get to see him next weekend so I'm excited, but I hope the next 4 months go by quick. This long distance crap is no fun.

Joshua and Thomas got MAWWIED! I am honored to have been part of such an amazing event. I don't think I'll ever attend a wedding so great. It will definitely be a hard one to top. Open bar, fun dancing, great people, and my amazing marathon dancing NIECE! Cambree danced like none other, she was the life of the party.

It was a great time to see all of my family, it's a rare occasion. It also made me appreciate where I come from.

I am trying to blog more-- Promise. I just hate how un-interesting my life feels. haha


Jenna B.