Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend was so much fun, and even more needed. I need time with people my own age because it helps me not feel like such a grown up. On Friday I hung out with some friends and went to a girl's house in Pacific Beach, where there were mostly USD students there. So basically they were all spoiled rich kids. But I'm not complaining, it was so nice to just be around people my age! It's weird the things you start to appreciate when you are alone.

I feel like I'm funnier when I'm alone though.. probably because I have to entertain myself. The other day I prank called one of my best friends who is on a mission. hahah Yeah yeah, "you shouldn't be calling missionaries.." Honestly, I don't care haha. shut up. He called me back and left me a hilarious message, aww I miss him.

Anyway.. Saturday was super fun! I drove up to Riverside.. it's about an hour and 10 minutes north east of here. I got there and Basia took me to their Forever 21.. probably my favorite one I've ever been to! Super organized and spread out. I loved it. Later we went to the concert, it was called "Heat." There were 3 different stages where people were performing. It wasn't like super famous people but I guess some of them were pretty cool.
My favorite part of the night was seeing Travie McCoy sing "I wanna be a billionaire" the entire audience was super into it.. so it was fun. We watched a little bit of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and decided that we weren't in 9th grade anymore and walked away.  Lil Jon was lame, because he doesn't even have his own songs.. so he just plays other people's songs and does his part over it. Blah. The rest of the night was spent on the techno dance floor pretending like we were into techno and dancing away. It was super fun. I had a fun weekend and that's really all I can ask for.

Travie McCoy

Basia, Me, and Nicki

Friday, February 25, 2011


haha my brother posted this on my facebook and I literally laughed out loud for like 7 minutes. Homegurl knows what's right....


I love Fridays. For real. I pretty much get the morning off every Friday (until the new baby comes). S takes T to a "Mommy and me" thing at their temple. "Temple" is what Jewish people call their church. Random fact. haha

So my morning was spent cleaning, running, and taking the dogs for a walk. It was nice me time. I am happy it's the weekend :) Yay!!

Here's some more pictures

I know this one is blurry, but her outfit for ballet was the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mom's visit.

Here are the pics from mom's visit! 

Oceanside harbor

 Sunset at Oceanside Harbor

 Cool Taylor.

 "Jenna Mom" and Taylor

 Me and T

Mission beach


Seaport Village

Ahhh I am so excited for this weekend! I am going up to UC Riverside to a concert with some friends. (Yes I have some friends!) It's a concert with a bunch of random artists including Lil Jon and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.. weird combo, I know. I didn't really know any of the other artists on the lineup.. but whatever I am stooooked!! 

Can't stop listening. I love her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This weekend was fantastic!!

Momma came into town to comfort me during my surgery. R.I.P Stanley. You weren't very loved, and I'm really glad you're gone, cause you suck.

On Thursday I took mom to Oceanside Harbor because we thought we wouldn't have much sunshine over the weekend, the forecast called for pouring rain all weekend.. but we actually had a lot of sunshine! Friday night we just stuck around the house and did Shabbat (a jewish thing) with The Fam. It was really cool to see the way they do things. Then for dessert momma and I went to Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt and we saw a girl there that we swear had fake boobs AND a fake bum. People are not built like that.

Saturday we did a ton!! We went to La Jolla cove, Carlsbad Village, Encinitas, and some outlets in Carlsbad.. it was pretty much a giant shopping day.

I finally got one of these babies...
Say hello to Walter.
I am an official gamer now. 

Today we spent the day in downtown San Diego.. got lost and ended up in the ghetto. Literally, everything was in Spanish. Drove through Balboa park, ate brunch at Crystal Pier at a delicious place called Kono's. It seriously was amazing. We sat and ate and looked out at the ocean, and in that moment I realized I am living the dream. really. 
I feel very blessed.
We also went to the San Diego State campus and looked around. I WILL go there. It is so amazing! I got so excited seeing all of it. Residency residency here I come.

I'll post more pictures of mom's visit later, they are all on her camera and I need to get them! 

Thanks for everything this weekend mom. It was great, I am lucky to have you and I am so glad you came. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend update.

This weekend was so much fun! 

On Saturday, I went with "the fam" (I'm going to start calling them the fam instead of the smiths, because Smith is not their real last name and that just feels weird) 
anyway, went with The Fam to Oceanside Harbor, it was such nice weather! I really like that beach because it isn't a big tourist spot. It was so much fun to watch T play in the waves. It was her first time in the ocean and she was fearless. 

After the beach, I went to Carlsbad Village (downtown Carlsbad). It is a fun place! There are tons of little restaurants and boutiques. Imagine 25th street ogden but more streets. I went to a boutique that I have been a "fan of" on Facebook for a while, and all I can say is... I found my poison. It has the cutest clothes ever, and the girls who work there are so nice. It reminded me of Buckle in the sense that they pick out outfits for you based on the things you chose, but they aren't annoying and high-pressure like the Buckle sales people. It was a fun shopping experience, that's for sure.

Then last night I went and hung out with some new friends, yay! We played Dance Central on the xbox and I kicked ass. Hah It was a lot of fun to be with people my age for the first time in a month. Not that I don't love The Fam, I just need friends my age! 
So- last night when I got home I found my box of Girl Scout Cookies empty on my floor, one of the dogs ATE MY SAMOAS!!!! haha I guess I should be more concerned for his health than my cookies. Sorry B boy, hope you're okay.

And now it is a beautiful sunny day here in Sandy Eggo. I just got my hair done, yay! Ugh, I paid an arm and a leg for it... welcome to So. Cal right? But it was so worth it, she did a great job. PEOPLE- The next time I want to dye my hair dark.. remind me that I paid triple digits to get it lighter.

 It is nice to have me time. I know I keep saying it, but it's true. I'm learning so much about myself and growing in a lot of ways. 

I hope you all have a great week :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


It's the weekendddd!

I'm not quite sure what I am going to do, but there are so many unexplored areas that I must see. Maybe I'll go downtown and check out some of the restaurants that have been on the food network and Man vs. Food haha I love that show way too much.

Well, Stanley (my kidney stone).. yes I gave him a name. He has been in there so long that it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. Anyway, he is getting blasted next week. So I will go sleepy and then some shock waves will be jolted through me.. to Stanley, where he will then break up into a bunch of little Stanley's that will be peed out by their house, i.e- Me.
Since I have to get this little procedure done right at the same time that S is going to probably be having her baby, my momma is going to come out and visit for a few days.. just so The Smiths don't have to worry about me and a new baby. Awful timing, but I am excited to see my mom. Maybe she can pop the zit in my ear.

Another highlight of my week- S admitted to me that she is a closet Bieber fan!! So I have someone to go see his movie with me. Yessssssss.

Okay so T is hilarious. I was giving her a bath last night and she said, "conversation." Remember that this is an 18 month old. She is also really into saying "congratulations," as well.
Another hilarious thing that happened this morning: T and I were playing and I tooted, as many of you know I do that, she looked at me and said, "Jenna farts," then she walked behind me and opened my pants and said, "check for poops." hahahahahahhaah I am being 100% serious, all I could do was laugh my head off when she did it. Funniest girl ever.

i love her.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



So today I started to realize something: I quite enjoy being away from Utah for the reason of avoiding some of the awful trends that Utahns, for some unknown reason, have caught onto.
Since I have been here.. I have not seen any of the following, thank the lord.

(I'm sorry if this offends any of you.. but don't take it personally)

First- These awful things.
"The bitch from my school sells those, she would wear those..." -Connor Harrison


Third- The Utah Poof

Fourth- This stupid thing and all the merch it's on.

Fifth- The multi-colored hair

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Supabowl Sunday.


so, superbowl sunday consisted of food, food, food, food and more food. Seriously!
Ahhh which reminds me, I am totally slacking on that part of my 20 by 20. I'll admit it. But I am here to tell you all that is going to change! I promise.

The Smiths were rooting for Greenbay, so by default... so was I. I even wore green. Yay. It's not that I even really care or follow football at all, it's just that there are two teams in the NFL that, to me, have the most trashy fan base.. The Steelers, and The Raiders. So it's not that I wanted Greenbay to win.. I just think the steelers are gross. Yeah yeah, call me weird.

Yesterday I went to downtown San Diego with a new friend. It was really cool of her to show me around the place. After driving around the city, I realized that San Diego is a lot like Salt Lake City.. except the weather is a million times better. Hmm... I might stay here longer than expected....?

                                 We went to a big outdoor shopping center called Horton Plaza.
this is just part of it. It's pretty cool huh?

The best part is that they had a Forever 21 there.. so of course we spent a good chunk of our time in that store. Then she drove me around the rest of the city to see Balboa Park, the gas lamp, and the harbor. 

This is part of Balboa park

The Gaslamp. It is basically just a long street of awesome restaurants and bars.

The harbor.

It was a really good weekend! 
A and S got invited to spend a week in the summer on Necker Island, it's Richard Branson's (the guy who founded Virgin) private island that only like 30 people get invited to. They are going in June, that leaves me at home with T bone. I'm excited for them though, that is amazing! S tried to talk A into letting me come, but that would cost them double the price.. thanks for trying, S :)

I'm just gonna say it, I miss my blonde hair. (and my baby shae.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's so weird to think that all my friends are doing school-ish things and I just play and do kid things all day. I am really enjoying this break from school, but some day I'm going to have to do it again!
But for now, I'm basking in the greatness of this. Today I played with T all morning, took a nap, and then took her to Playwerx where yet another person told me I look like Miley Cyrus. Thanks people.

As T was going down the "big kid" slides like the champion that she is.. I was thinking to myself... "I seriously have the coolest kid here, if there were a competition right now among all the kids in this ginormous play structure.. T would kick ass." I'm not even saying that because I am her nanny.. but she is the coolest. While all the other 18 month olds are sitting at the top of the slide cowering and rambling random sounds.. T is cruising up to the top saying, "Taylor slide!!" Flying down the slide and clapping and telling herself good job as she reaches the bottom.  She rules.

So I still haven't passed that damn stone yet, but I am feeling 100x better.. so that's good for something I guess. My medications had me so drugged, I literally don't remember much about the last 3 days except sleeping. Weird. I'm scared to pee it out, it's going to be nasssty.

Hokay. well I finished two more movies from my list:
So great! No I had never seen it until now. But my girl Betsy told me to watch it, and she knows me so well. I loved it. 
"We may not be as happy as you always dreamed we would be, but for the first time let's just allow ourselves to be whatever it is we are and that will be better. OK? I think that will be better."


Another movie recommended by bets. Also another one I really enjoyed! 

Both were pretty much chick flicks, so if anyone needs a good weekend chick flick... I definitely recommend both of these! 

I better get these back to Blockbuster, gaaaah latefees.