Monday, September 19, 2011

Warning- this is a sorority post. If your gag reflex is active at things like this... be cautious, or don't proceed.

Well, I am a Kappa Delta pledge. It's pretty exciting, but in all honesty I still don't know how to feel about it. I think the whole sorority thing takes a bit to get used to. I know it will be great for my career and the type of business person I would like to be. I'm pretty excited to see where it takes me! All the girls are great, too. I absolutely love them. Say what you will about sororities, because I know it sounds mean-- but I really don't care. :) 

Errbody doin the cat daddy
pledge class '11

Friday, September 16, 2011

in love.

This week has been so incredibly fun, I can't even stand it.

It's rush week here at USU. I know, barf right? Yes I rushed. I am still laughing at myself about it, but it honestly turned out to be such a different experience than I thought. People can think what they want about Greek life, but they'll never really understand it unless they experience it. Anyway, I won't go through the entire process but last night was Preference night, basically you just get all fancied up and go to the houses and it's their last attempt at recruiting. So I guess today I'll find out where I will be.

 We sat on the curb at one point because we were so tired of standing in heels.
 the bestieeee
Yes, these are the shoes I wore. Aren't they beautiful?

I'm sitting here at church (one of my churches..) looking out the window to see possibly the cutest street in Logan, folks riding their beach cruisers, and the adorable Italian sandwich shop next door covered in vines. I hear the sounds of music that gives me butterflies and see the artwork on the walls of amazing artists I'll never know. I see 2 simple flowers in a vase on the windowsill and the baristas hard at work.

I am in love with this feeling, and this place.


Monday, September 12, 2011


does anyone else feel like a news woman right after you get your hair did?
that's a fake weird smile by the way

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, today I realized how many people that I don't know read my blog. I went into my brother's work and his co-worker expressed her love for my blog. Thank you, avid reader, for inspiring me to post more often :)

I am going to make an effort to write worth while things, rather than just expressing my day to day life.

First- If you haven't already purchased or listened to The Script's new album "Science and Faith," I highly suggest you do. I have been addicted the past 2 days, my roommates hate for it I'm sure.

Next... I had one of those "I shouldn't be doing this with my life" epiphanies the other day. I have been feeling really confused and doubtful about my biology major choice. After visiting with my biology adviser and looking at Physician Assistant schools a little bit, I was sitting in the library and realized... I have absolutely no other motive than money for wanting to do this. Of course my wonderful mother made the decision so much easier for me by explaining to me that it's okay to pursue what I actually want to do rather than the safest job. Thanks, Mom, for always being my guide. :) So now.. back to Journalism/Communication! I know it's the most unsafe thing to do.. but I know that the universe will take me exactly where I need to go with it.

I know by now you're all probably tired of hearing me talk about how happy I am here, but I just can't get over it. Paige and I went to coffee today at Citrus & Sage, an adorable coffee shop in downtown Logan and shared hilarious stories of last night and I loved every second of it. I know this is suuuuuper cheesy lame but I just want to publicly tell Paige how grateful I am for her. I am so happy and lucky to have a best friend like you. I love you sister.

Also, here are some pics from the Allies dinner I attended for Equality Utah. It is such an amazing organization and I was very fortunate to have been able to attend. Thanks again, mom, for being the amazing equality activist you are. You amaze me every day and I could not ask for a better role model. 

 Erin and Bill
 David and Kenny

Friday, September 2, 2011

oh hey, reality.

The first week of school is coming to a close, and all I can say is... WOW.
So, I am now a biology major... yay, right?  I was in tears after my first Chemistry lecture. Okay, not bawling.. but I was teary-eyed. My teacher is a (insert naughty word here). He is literally too smart for his own good, one of those teachers who is simply too smart to teach a subject to students. He just expects everyone to get what he is rambling about.

So, I came to the conclusion that I will be teaching myself Chemistry this semester from the book. Yay? this is me right now......
I'm sure you'll all be updated on my chemistry trials and triumphs (ha, if I have any triumphs) throughout the semester.

It's really stressful being back in school, being a poor college student in complete debt again... but I just have to remember how badly I wanted this. I'm appreciating it and living in every moment.
I can't believe how much more student activity/life there is at Utah State compared to Dixie. I'm already loving it a lot more, and I've met 10x more people here in the first week than I did the entire year there.

I am super excited for the weekend, The Rocket Summer (aka- my 9th grade JAM) is coming to USU.. So that will be fun. My girl Tracy is coming up to visit and have a church/stedy sesh on Sunday at Starbuckssssss.

pretty much my life has been class, gym, library, eat, sleep... repeat.
Welcome back, Jenna. Enjoy it.

On another note, sometimes I wish that I could have an anonymous blog to tell you all of the things that I really want to share..