Thursday, June 21, 2012

some stuff.

I can't believe how much I am learning and seeing. Career-wise and just about life in general.
The other day I was in the East Village with my friend/fellow intern and a guy honked at another guy... normally most rational people would ignore it.. maybe flip the bird.


This guy went ape shit. Got out of his car, started walking back to the other guy who then got out of his car and socked him in the face. A bunch of yelling happened.. and then we kept walking.

What the what?


Then just as we came out of the yoga building, a group of homeless people were walking by and one of the guys started puking all over the sidewalk. He just kept walking.


Monday, June 18, 2012

City slickaaaaa

Alright- The city is really growing on me. Even though the subway is a whole other issue in itself (I kind of hate it).. however, I am learning the subway system and feel like a big girl now. I even gave people directions and actually knew what I was talking about. Guys- I'm not a tourist anymore. Hell yeaaaah. On the subject of tourists- I am one a lot of places I go, but I can say I understand why New Yorkers despise tourists. Nothing is more annoying than trying to get somewhere on time and coming across people walking extremely slow in front of you looking at a map or taking pictures.
(*I have definitely been this person many times before).  It's kind of like when you're walking down a hallway (or sidewalk) and the person in front of you stops dead in their tracks.. and you get annoyed and have to go around. My friend Paige described it perfectly- "It's like car traffic, you have to pull over instead of just stop." So, my friends, I advise you to remember those words the next time you are on vacation in a busy place, or walking down a hallway in general.

So these chocolate muffins at work are going to be the death. As if all the sweets and yummy food in the city won't already be. I might come home fat, whatevs.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (AKA hipster central, AKA wannabe Amsterdam, AKA I want to live there) is truly a fantastic place. Most of the Manhattan-ers here hate Williamsburg because of the Hipsters. I told a guy I work with that I went to Williamsburg this past weekend and he said, "Did you see all the dirty hipsters?" Ugh I know it is so cliche, but I was actually sort of obsessed with it. If you ever visit NYC, you should go see Williamsburg.. even if you hate hipsters. So many amazing street vendors selling cool jewelry and clothes. Paige even bought me a really cute winter beanie I fell in love with as a late bday present. Thanks friend :) We also ate at this fun little niche restaurant called "The Meatball." Which was, exactly what the name is, meatballs only. It was a fun restaurant with dry erase menus. Funsie. The waiter also snickered at the fact that I asked for a PBR on a sunday afternoon. I didn't understand.

Yoga to the people. A brilliant concept. Free yoga (donations appreciated) for awesome regular people who don't chant and who aren't pretentious. The whole philosophy behind it is a judge-free environment for average people.. not to mention THE MUSIC was fantastic. Doing yoga to Iron & Wine is my kind of yoga.

Let's be honest- the guy who sits next to me at work thinks I am a joke of an intern. The tabs currently open on my computer include my e-mail, Pandora, Music stock photos, twitter, Facebook and blogger. Little does he know I am the social media intern.

I miss you friends- I hope your summers are AMAZING.
      Alaska, New Mexico, Utah, Tanzania, California, New Jersey.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I decided to delete my other blog.. It was kind of useless, since I have this one.

Living in New York City definitely isn't easy, and I have only been here a week. It's enough for a Utah girl to adjust to the east coast lifestyle.. but when things are rocky back home it makes it a rough ride. Luckily I have a cute pug to cuddle with.
   Don't get me wrong people. I am pretty lucky to be in the concrete jungle interning for a fantastic company. My favorite is walking around the financial district at lunch and being one of the few people in casual attire.
There's really nothing like New York City. It's an incredible place with so much to do and see.

Instead of yacking on-- here are some photos from the weekend!

Some sweet street art

 The BAM- coolest movie theatre.

Little Italy

We were artsy and went to the Guggenheim

 Washington Square Park