Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's such a perfect day.

Happy Birthday To the biggest stud around. My Dad! Yeaaa boiii. What a tender man. 

Day 13. 
Your Dream house.

I am obsessed with colonial houses. I love the big columns, windows, and shutters. 

Today I am thankful for: Geneen Roth. This woman is a genius. She is the author of the popular book Women, Food, and God, as well as a few other amazing books. She sheds a new light on the never ending battle between humans and eating/weight. Yes I will admit, I have had problems with this issue.. for quite some time now actually. She teaches that eating, as well as many other things, is about listening to your body.. and dieting is not the answer. "For every diet, there is an equal and opposite binge." I firmly believe in her teachings. If you or anyone you know feel like you have a negative relationship with food or yourself, please try reading any of her books. She is amazing. 

it's such a perfect day.
a perfect day for change and improvement.

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