Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm just ballin it up in Carlsbad right now. I love these people. They are so awesome and a really good example of how to raise a child. The little girl, Taylor, is so adorable and she is the best.. she never cries and is so obedient. Shari, the mom, is the sweetest lady ever. The dad, Alex, is the coolest and most funny guy. Things are going great so far :) Today we went around town and just hung out. They just wanted to give me a taste of what their life is normally like. It was a lot of fun. I can see the ocean from their house, it is so amazing. They also have the prettiest sunsets.

Day 16.
Something you're looking forward to...

Christmas in New York City!!!
I get to be in the most magical place for Christmas. I can't wait.
and my whole family will be together, finally!!

Today I am thankful for: technology.
I think it is so amazing that people from clear across the world have the ability to communicate so fast. Skype is really the coolest thing ever. I am so grateful for it because I get to see all of the people I love!!

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