Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well, as many of you know.. I am always looking for some new thing to do with my life.
I figured that next semester would be a great time to take a break from school because I will be at a good break point.

So, a lot of you probably heard about my New Zealand nanny job..
Well, the family has taken TOO long to e-mail me back.. so I am moving on to new possibilities.
Sometimes you just can't rely on other people.

Option 1. - Nanny job in Zurich, Switzerland. I would learn German.

Option 2- Nanny job in France. (on Swiss and French border by Geneva, Switzerland) I would learn French.

Option 3- Semester of Study abroad in Bremen, Germany. 

That's honestly all my free time these days: researching these 3 places.
If anyone has any insight or know anyone who has gone to any of these places, please let me know!

Otherwise, I'll keep you all posted.

Peace and Blessins. Peace and Blessins.

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