Saturday, October 30, 2010

Challenge Day 2.

Name your celebrity crush and 5 things you would do with them.

I have a few celeb crushes, but hands down my all time biggest has to be 

Adam Brody.
I am kind of in love with him.
His style and personality is the most attractive thing eva

5 things we would do:
-Hang out, chill, listen to music together
-Tell jokes and laugh
-Go to the OC so I can pretend we are on the show together
-Kiss of course
-Go to an amusement park

I'm so pathetic. haha

Today I am thankful for:  Second Chances. I have done a lot of stupid things recently, and I am so happy and thankful that we, as humans, can move on from things. Time heals everything. As weird as it sounds, mistakes are meant to be made. If we don't make mistakes, we never learn. Take it for what it's worth I guess.

Movin on. Making changes. For real.

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