Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye Facebook.

What is it about facebook that makes people so addicted?
Is it the convenience of keeping in touch with family and friends by means of pictures, comments, sharing interests, "liking" certain things, etc?

Or is it really something else?

I personally believe, and some disagree, that the majority of people use the site for one thing.


"tag me in that pic on fb!" I have heard this countless times. People crave inclusion.. I need everyone to see that I had a fun weekend.
Everyone wants to be validated. Whether it's by a comment on a picture, status update, or post.

I feel that facebook is a very good communication tool, but then again.. the people who truly care about me and my life will prove it. They will make an effort to make human contact with me.. and if they want to follow me.. they can read this blog.

Thank you to all of you readers. You are the people who actually care.

I am not saying any of this to bash on people with facebook or think that I am better than anyone because I got rid of it, because that is not it at all. I just know that once people start noticing I am no longer a part of the social network, they will ask "why?" "why in the world would you delete facebook?" Now we can't see what you're up to!

That's another good one. Everybody wants to see what everybody is up to..
to me, this means... let's see who got fat, who is dating who, who went off the deep end, and who is doing what with their lives.

I am not claiming myself as innocent from ANY of these things! I am just as guilty as the rest of caring what others think on facebook, and judging others on facebook.

I already feel liberated without it. I am going to spend time living a life instead of living for facebook. Some people live for facebook, meaning.. even when they aren't on facebook, they really are on facebook. These are the people who make sure to snap a million pictures of their night so they can show everybody that they had fun, instead of living in the moment and enjoying the night they had.
    I am all for pictures and memories, don't get me wrong. There's a fine line between capturing a special moment and barfing your weekend all over the net, though.

So there it is. The main reasons it is now gone.. the privacy issues didn't really scare me, but they are just the cherry on top.

So friends, if you care to keep in touch with me. Please! Call, skype, meet up with me! :)
Let's actually have a real, tangible relationship.


  1. go jenna!! you've given me so much motivation, i might just do the same... i still have your number from the good old Gold's Gym days AND i follow your blog... screw facebook!

  2. Whyyyy!!! Facebook is the best thing ever!!

  3. You're great :) Everything you said I agree with. Haha

  4. Heheh. You may be right, but I enjoy facebook.

    I plan to follow you on here...annnnnd you should probably gimme your number.