Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am becoming such a slacker with updating. Honestly, I just don't really have much to say lately.
haha why do you people even read my blog? And I know you do because I check the stats. Whatev I guess I am somewhat interesting.

My thoughts are consumed with if I want to start school in the fall and if I do, which school to go to. I have no idea. I guess my goals for now are to figure that part of my life out. I have such a hard time making deshishins. I am also going to start living in workout clothes so that will motivate me to workout when I have free time during the day. I got the Biggest Loser game for the kinect and it is so awesome!

Is anyone watching the Bachelorette? I am in love with William, their Vegas date was the greatest thing ever. Stupid show, giving me false hope. This picture of him is kind of goofy.. but he is so cute.

Okay I am seriously pathetic, that's all I've got people.


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