Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bee boop

Last night I loaded up my guitar and notes, got in my car and started driving. For some reason I didn't find myself winding up at guitar lessons... I found myself instead sitting on the beach watching the sunset. That sounds so cliche.. but whatever. Sitting there, I realized this was the first time since I've been here that I have sat on the beach and watched a sunset. I can tell you right now, there is nothing in the world like a southern california sunset.

So there's this amazing place here called The Yellow Deli, it is the most fantastic thing I have ever discovered. It is this beautiful two-story restaurant built and run by hasidic jews. It is open 24/5 (closed on their sabbath). They have a lounge upstairs where all the college kids study all night.. I like to go there and take a notebook and pretend I am doing homework. Man I miss school. Not really school, but the social aspect I guess. Anyway, it is literally the most amazing place ever. There's a guy who works there named Hakinai (Haw-keen-eye) who is super friendly and talks to everyone. I didn't leave that place until 11 last night because we were talking.

On another note, I was serious before when I said it... I hate infants. I am sorry but I do.

that was a random post. I can't wait for August.

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