Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know all I blog about is Taylor, but she seriously takes up all my time. So I guess that's what I have to talk about.

Today after her ballet class, which is adorable.. but I have to say that ballet class for 2 year olds is a waste of money. Anyway.. we were driving and I didn't want to go home quite yet so I asked her if she wanted to go to Starbucks by the little airport here in Carlsbad and watch the planes land.

Her response...
"YEAH!!!!! You get coffee! You excited Jenna, You excited?"

hahahha for real?

It was such a fun morning with her. I have to say I love just having time with her to myself because I get to let her do things that normally probably wouldn't happen. i.e- be shirtless half the time. She wants to be naked all the time but her parents never let her. I figure, what the hey. They're gone.

A man at starbucks paid me a very nice compliment and it made my day.. he started talking to me about how Taylor is really outgoing and how that's a good thing but can be a bad thing because of the whole "stranger danger" thing.. he mentioned how that will be a hard concept for her and something for us (the parents apparently) to deal with. I told him that I'm just her nanny but yes that will be interesting. He then said... "Oh wow, well I guess that's a good nanny then when you can't tell the difference between nanny and mom." I am not trying to toot my own horn here, but I just thought it was a lovely moment.

A and S get back on Saturday night, you can bet your ass I'll be outta this house ALL DAY sunday. I am hoping to go to the Del Mar fair soon, it's really popular I guess, and everyone keeps talking about it and the food there.


yep. I'm going.

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