Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some randoms.

This week is already going so much better than last week.
Thank helena.


this post is just random stuff.

1. Shout out to Rach Shaw for her 21st Bday that was on Friday! I love you girl!
believe it or not Rach I couldn't even find a single picture of you and me on my computer or your facebook. So I chose this because I remember how much drama this sign caused and I love it. Everyone was such babies about it. Boo hoo it's just high school cheerleading. I miss you and I miss the times we had though. I can't believe you're 21. I know you had a party already, but now go out and celebrate 21 the right way ;) haha love you.

2. Shout out to Brinzee for her bday yesterday!  Yay big 20. 
This is the greatest picture of all time. hahah I can't believe you're 20. Seriously. It's insane, I feel like it was yesterday that we were some 13 year olds in our awkward stage in junior high and your house being built in Evergreen. Weird. But I hope you had a happy birthday and 20 is grand for you!! Love you.

3. Happy 2 month-aversary to me being in San Diego! I have survived 2 months. haha I am still really liking it and whenever I get sad or wish I were with my friends.. The Family I work for says or does something that reminds me why I love them so much. 
    I had the greatest day with T, and laughed harder than I've laughed in a while. We have this new thing where we start out saying "bam" really quiet and then keep taking turns getting louder until we are shouting, "BAM!!!!!" as loud as we can. It's fun to do in public bathrooms while changing her diaper because people wonder what the hell we're doing. We were playing the game today in the car and we both did a "BAAAAAAAM" at the same time and held it out forever, Taylor laughed so hard after we were done and it was one of those moments where you fall in love with a little kid. I love her. 

Which reminds me, the other day.. A said "Taylor, I owe Jenna cash moneys." and Taylor looked at me and said,  "Cash moneys for you. Congratulations Jenna." haha seriously?

4. Here are some random pics from the past couple of weeks that I'm just barely getting around to uploading.

I may have already posted this? I don't know.. 
I know I post a ton of sunset pictures, but this is so pretty.

This is "Dog Beach" a beach that Basia and I took her dog to. It is awesome.. dogs running around everywhere and playing fetch in the water, it's pretty cool.. unlike anything I've ever seen.

just a tender picture.

Driving in the car, she looked so cool and asked me to "take a pitcha peas"

At Playwerx. She was walking around like this and it was hilarious.

I can't wait for this weekend!!! Ahhhh I get to see my besties. :) :) :) 


  1. FREAKIN' LOVE YOU! Thanks for the birthday shout out :) I wish you could have been here!

  2. JEN! I was in so-cal this weekend and the whole time was thinking how lucky you are to be living in such a pretty place. take advantage while your there. :) thanks for the birthday shout out. love you always!