Friday, March 25, 2011

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The couple I work for has the cutest marriage ever. I'm serious.
S and I will be downstairs with the babies and A will be working upstairs and he will randomly yell to S: "Love you babe!" Out of nowhere.. it is the cutest thing ever. Their relationship is a team effort and it is easy to see. I want to have this same relationship with someone someday (not for a long time people, I'm not trying to tell you anything here..) It's just something I noticed, how much they care for each other and want to help each other out.
I honestly could not ask for a better family to work for. They are so great. A and S are like a big brother and sister to me, I told S my entire story about a certain mother of someone that used to be in my life and she, along with all of north ogden, thinks this woman is crazy. :)

T is getting even more verbal than she already is. S pumps her breast milk for H bomb, and Taylor sees it and knows what she's doing. Last night in the tub, Taylor took one of her bath cups and put it up to her boob and said, "Tay pump a boobie?" haha why is she so funny? I love her.

So, that missionary prank call I talked about a few posts back... he called me back and left a message! 2 actually. The first one was him saying random things and I could hear someone laughing in the background and saying, "hang up!!" Then about two weeks later I got another call from that number and it was his companion attempting a prank call asking for a Weight Watcher pamphlet. So I found a WW pamphlet and sent it in the mail to him. Ah the things that amuse me these days.

I'm so happy it's Friday, even though I don't really have anything planned for the weekend. I just really appreciate my free time even if I'm not doing anything. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I miss you.

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  1. i found this post very funny i just wanted you to know. from the boob pump to the weight watchers. i want to be a good blogger like you. it looks fun