Monday, March 21, 2011


Hooray for the weekend that I had! Woo. 

My friends were here visiting, and boy was that lovely. I am so happy that I got to see them, it was a good reminder that I am myself. When I came back after the weekend, it was weird.. it felt like I hadn't seen The Fam forever. I missed them! 

My friends envied the place that I live, and it made me appreciate it more. I realized that I am so incredibly lucky to live in such a pretty place with so many nice things around me. 

I love my friends more than anything. I had a blast with you guys! Thank you so much Brooke, Brit, Paige, Arthur, and Thomas for coming to visit! I love you all. 

Here are some picssssss from the weekend.

We went to Romantix and the guy who worked there showed us this. HAHAHAHAHA

Me being a nerd in Thomas' glasses.

I ate fish! 

of course we took the typical, "jumping on the beach" pics.

Thomas took some model pics hahaha

my girl.

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