Thursday, March 31, 2011


This might be a lame post because I am doing it for the sole purpose of updating. I feel like it's been too long.
Well, things have been great here this week! I have been so happy and I think a lot of it is because I am finally getting to the point where I am not afraid to just do what I want to do when it's my time. At first I felt like I couldn't really leave because when I was working I didn't feel like I was really working.. if that makes sense. The first month and a half I was here, two of us were doing one person's job.. so I felt kind of useless. Now that I am doing A LOT more, I feel like it's okay to take the time for myself. It's been nice.

I went to a zumba class this week- I don't know if I have mentioned it yet, but the gym here is insane at 8:30 at night. WOW. It's honestly comparable to black friday. I'm serious. You have to get a pass for the class and when the passes run out, they start a waiting list.. and when the waiting list is full... sorry, you don't get to go to the class. Luckily I got in!
Even though the zumba teachers at Dixie had better choreography, the ones here can do much more booty shakin', (I guess I'm really not in Utah anymore)

I can't wait to make these babies this weekend... I got the idea from my bestie.

Earlier this week, I had some free time.. so I went to the beach and just sat. I enjoyed every ounce of the sun and it made me so happy. I didn't need anyone or anything there with me, just the sun and me.
I know it's cheesy and lame, but I took this picture there because I felt so happy.. I just wanted to remember it forever.

I guess being here is just helping me appreciate a lot of little things, like how happy the sun makes me. Or how much I love it when T runs right over to me when something scares her and says, "Jenna hold me." 
I love love love this family! I love S. She is seriously becoming my best friend. I went on a date last night and when he stepped away for a second I texted her, I texted MY BOSS to tell her how beautiful he was. hahah I love that we have that relationship. She's so great.


  1. K, I ain't tryna smash er nuthin but those cookies look effin delicious. And you went on a date! And he was beautiful! Every day I get more jealous of you. Hahaha

  2. Hi, sorry you probably think I'm a creep but I like stalking your blog haha. Also I am making those cookies tonight/tomorrow so I hope they turn out! :)