Sunday, March 6, 2011

H bomb.

Ah the weekend is coming to a close, sadly. S is having the baby tomorrow.. who, from now on, will be referred to as "H-bomb." I am excited for her to have the baby because she has been ready for a while and I'll get 2 days with T. It gets kind of hard to care for a kid when her mom is with me, S is super cool and I couldn't ask for a better boss.. but you know when it's someone else's kid you don't really know how to act. I feel a lot more comfortable when it's just T and I.

It's crazy.. I am already so attached to Taylor. I miss her when I don't really see her on weekends. I barely saw her this weekend and she melted me when she came up to me tonight and said, "I missed you." Yes, a 19 month old said, "I missed you."

I love her.

The weekend was great. I'm even more excited for the coming 2 weekends... I get to see my best friends!
This weekend, Shae. And next weekend, Arthur, Paige and Thomas are road trippin' it to Sandy Eggo to see me! I feel so lucky to have such great friends that would spend their time and money to come see me. I guess living in a cool place like San Diego helps, too.

I went to the greatest class at the gym today. It's called Turbo Kick and it honestly was like an aerobics class you see on movies. All of the people in the class know each other and are super into it. Seriously, after a song everyone would high five each other and scream "woo" and "yeah!" It was fun! I'm glad The Fam is super awesome and got me a gym membership.

I be seein you soon, girl.

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