Sunday, February 20, 2011


This weekend was fantastic!!

Momma came into town to comfort me during my surgery. R.I.P Stanley. You weren't very loved, and I'm really glad you're gone, cause you suck.

On Thursday I took mom to Oceanside Harbor because we thought we wouldn't have much sunshine over the weekend, the forecast called for pouring rain all weekend.. but we actually had a lot of sunshine! Friday night we just stuck around the house and did Shabbat (a jewish thing) with The Fam. It was really cool to see the way they do things. Then for dessert momma and I went to Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt and we saw a girl there that we swear had fake boobs AND a fake bum. People are not built like that.

Saturday we did a ton!! We went to La Jolla cove, Carlsbad Village, Encinitas, and some outlets in Carlsbad.. it was pretty much a giant shopping day.

I finally got one of these babies...
Say hello to Walter.
I am an official gamer now. 

Today we spent the day in downtown San Diego.. got lost and ended up in the ghetto. Literally, everything was in Spanish. Drove through Balboa park, ate brunch at Crystal Pier at a delicious place called Kono's. It seriously was amazing. We sat and ate and looked out at the ocean, and in that moment I realized I am living the dream. really. 
I feel very blessed.
We also went to the San Diego State campus and looked around. I WILL go there. It is so amazing! I got so excited seeing all of it. Residency residency here I come.

I'll post more pictures of mom's visit later, they are all on her camera and I need to get them! 

Thanks for everything this weekend mom. It was great, I am lucky to have you and I am so glad you came. 


  1. Aw sounds like an amazing weekend! I am so jealous of your kinect, i haven't ever played on it, but i've heard it's wicked! lol

  2. It was a great weekend! I am the lucky one to have you.

  3. Could that campus look any more perfect? i think my heart dropped when i saw it.