Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend was so much fun, and even more needed. I need time with people my own age because it helps me not feel like such a grown up. On Friday I hung out with some friends and went to a girl's house in Pacific Beach, where there were mostly USD students there. So basically they were all spoiled rich kids. But I'm not complaining, it was so nice to just be around people my age! It's weird the things you start to appreciate when you are alone.

I feel like I'm funnier when I'm alone though.. probably because I have to entertain myself. The other day I prank called one of my best friends who is on a mission. hahah Yeah yeah, "you shouldn't be calling missionaries.." Honestly, I don't care haha. shut up. He called me back and left me a hilarious message, aww I miss him.

Anyway.. Saturday was super fun! I drove up to Riverside.. it's about an hour and 10 minutes north east of here. I got there and Basia took me to their Forever 21.. probably my favorite one I've ever been to! Super organized and spread out. I loved it. Later we went to the concert, it was called "Heat." There were 3 different stages where people were performing. It wasn't like super famous people but I guess some of them were pretty cool.
My favorite part of the night was seeing Travie McCoy sing "I wanna be a billionaire" the entire audience was super into it.. so it was fun. We watched a little bit of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and decided that we weren't in 9th grade anymore and walked away.  Lil Jon was lame, because he doesn't even have his own songs.. so he just plays other people's songs and does his part over it. Blah. The rest of the night was spent on the techno dance floor pretending like we were into techno and dancing away. It was super fun. I had a fun weekend and that's really all I can ask for.

Travie McCoy

Basia, Me, and Nicki