Sunday, February 6, 2011


Supabowl Sunday.


so, superbowl sunday consisted of food, food, food, food and more food. Seriously!
Ahhh which reminds me, I am totally slacking on that part of my 20 by 20. I'll admit it. But I am here to tell you all that is going to change! I promise.

The Smiths were rooting for Greenbay, so by default... so was I. I even wore green. Yay. It's not that I even really care or follow football at all, it's just that there are two teams in the NFL that, to me, have the most trashy fan base.. The Steelers, and The Raiders. So it's not that I wanted Greenbay to win.. I just think the steelers are gross. Yeah yeah, call me weird.

Yesterday I went to downtown San Diego with a new friend. It was really cool of her to show me around the place. After driving around the city, I realized that San Diego is a lot like Salt Lake City.. except the weather is a million times better. Hmm... I might stay here longer than expected....?

                                 We went to a big outdoor shopping center called Horton Plaza.
this is just part of it. It's pretty cool huh?

The best part is that they had a Forever 21 there.. so of course we spent a good chunk of our time in that store. Then she drove me around the rest of the city to see Balboa Park, the gas lamp, and the harbor. 

This is part of Balboa park

The Gaslamp. It is basically just a long street of awesome restaurants and bars.

The harbor.

It was a really good weekend! 
A and S got invited to spend a week in the summer on Necker Island, it's Richard Branson's (the guy who founded Virgin) private island that only like 30 people get invited to. They are going in June, that leaves me at home with T bone. I'm excited for them though, that is amazing! S tried to talk A into letting me come, but that would cost them double the price.. thanks for trying, S :)

I'm just gonna say it, I miss my blonde hair. (and my baby shae.)

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  1. I miss you more baby cakes :) ps. sorry I didn't text you back this weekend, I literally looked at my phone once the last 4 days. Lets have a skype date soon.