Monday, January 31, 2011

beaches and stones.

Hooray for kidney stones. Bahhh, not.
So on Saturday, I went to the beach and had a lovely day.. on the way home I started feeling a pain in my side. As the night went on it got worse and worse. I barely got any sleep and started feeling super nauseated. At 6 a.m. S took me to the ER and I was there for about 5 hours. Now I'm medicated and just ready to pass this thing. I'm terrified though because I heard it's worse than giving birth. gahhhhhhhh
I'm pretty sure this was caused by me not taking care of myself my last month in St. George. I never drank water.. and when I looked it up.. Kidney stones seem to be caused by dehydration.
Moral of the story: drink water. seriously. this pain is not worth it!! haha I hope I get better soon. I miss playing with T! I barely saw her today and it was weird.

Anyway, enough complaining about kidney stones.
The beach was seriously amazing! It made me so happy. It was just me, the sand, the ocean, and my thoughts. I went to a place called Oceanside Harbor, it's a little harbor that is pretty small and kind of hidden.. so not many tourists go there. It was pretty chilly outside and people were surfing! Diehards.



  1. I love the pictures... I can't wait to see you! Update this more.. I know you have a life and I don't but I check everyday like 50 times! haha i love your stories.

  2. Sorry about your kidney stones love. But glad you are loving it down there :) miss you.

  3. I miss you Jenna! Wish I could be there to help you through the kidney stone problems. Love ya!