Thursday, January 6, 2011



Okay well here is my update on the 20 by 20 challenge.

I am 6 days in and I have finished 2 books, 2 movies and one letter. 
My second book-
I really enjoyed this book. It is from the point of view of an 18-year-old British boy. Everything in his life finally starts coming together nicely and in about two seconds  he ruins all of it. I think the reason I liked it so much is because of the writing. It was very clever and it was the first time I have laughed out loud while reading a book. It is also really fun to read out loud with a british accent. ha

My second movie-
Anyone who has seen it will agree it is a definite mind blowing movie. Not only was it so creatively written, but the acting was incredible. Natalie Portman did a fantastic playing Nena.. but my favorite character was Lily, the bad ass/ alter ego of Nena- played by Mila Kunis. I definitely recommend this movie if you don't have a problem with colorful language and a little girl on girl action. pahaha

My first letter is off in the mail. :) 
There is nothing like a hand written letter, honestly.


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