Monday, January 17, 2011

San Diago: a whale's vagina.

Hey friends, welp I'm here! I have been here for almost 3 full days now and so far it is fantastic! I haven't done much besides stuff with the family, but I have plentyyyy of time for finding friends, hopefully.

It was so crazy to look out my window taking off in Salt Lake City to see nothing but white, and now I'm sitting here freshly showered after SWIMMING!! It is so great.

The family I'm nannying for, let's call them The Smiths, are super nice and cool. Even now that I'm all settled in nothing has changed, they are still the cool/funny people they were when I first skyped with them. The Smiths live in a very beautiful house in Carlsbad, which is in Northern San Diego. It is a very wealthy area with a lot of young families.

A typical day: wake up at about 7 (that's when T gets up) breakfast for T, play time, etc.. until nap time at 8:30-10:30. From 10:30-1:30 is gym or pool, and lunch. 1:30-3 another nap time. During that time I sleep for a little, read, or talk to friends. 3-6:30 is play time, errands, dinner for T, then at 6:30 is bed time and the rest of the night is mine. S (the mom) is preggers with another babe and due early March. So everything will change when the new baby comes. But for now, that's the routine. Sorry for the detailed run down of my day, but I had a few people ask what my day was like.. so there it is.

So I took a few pictures of my room and the house and such, here it is...

The park right across the street

ohai pats.

Anyway, I'll keep you all updated as much as possible. For now, it is 75 degrees and fantastic!

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