Friday, December 10, 2010


First off, please read Tyson's blog entry today. It's something important that many times we overlook because we hear it time and time again.. but I really appreciated his personal story on the issue. Please read it and spread the word.

Second, last night Betsy, Haley and I went to poetry reading at Twenty Five Main. Main Street in St. George is very short, but it is the cutest thing filled with art galleries, restaurants, and novelty shops. Twenty Five Main is a quaint little cafe famous for their cupcakes. They host poetry reading on Thursday nights, and can I just say it is the greatest thing. I loved it so much!

One poem really stood out to me, I wish I would have been brave enough to ask the girl for a copy.. but I didn't. I remember it was called, "A Material Existence." She basically talked about how the world has become so reliant on unnecessary things. "Girls are supposed to wear their hair long, you can't have short hair." "Plump your lips with this gloss, extend your lashes with this." "You're not skinny enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not tall enough, you're not short enough."
I wish you could all hear her read it.. it is so much better/more powerful when read. It just really got me thinking, why? Doesn't it get exhausting trying to impress everybody all the time? Can't people see the natural beauty and happiness in the simple things? I'm not trying to preach by any means.. because let's face it, I'm just as guilty as the rest when it comes to caring about material things.
But I can tell you that I have begun (or at least tried) to start detaching myself from stupid petty things, one by one.
In the end of the day, who cares where your shirt is from, whose name you're wearing on your back pocket, if you drive a BMW or a Dodge Neon, If your car contains a sweet stereo system or a simple cassette tape player, if you spend your weekends boating, camping, riding 4 wheelers, and playing with all your toys, or if you spend the weekend at home watching movies.
I have known a few people in my life who have money and nice things, and like to show it. These people are always the most annoying people to be around.. that's why I usually don't stick around and form a friendship.
In the end it's who you are, not what you have.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I may sound preachy. It is not my intention, I just really enjoyed her poem and the message behind it.

Classes are OVER! I don't have class for a whole year. How weird. I am really looking forward to this break I'm giving myself, although at times I am sure I will miss school. It's fine, I'll just be spending all my free time at the beach. no biggie.
Speaking of San Diego, I have been having so much fun here these last few days that I hadn't really thought about it for a little bit, until yesterday when I woke up to an e-mail of my flight confirmation, one way. It was just weird, it kind of actually hit at that point. Good luck Jenna.

If you listened to the Bon Iver song I posted the other day and liked it, you will LOVE this.

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