Wednesday, December 15, 2010

malfoy, bug, bieber, and sun.

Beth- here's your update.

Hokay, so... a few things.

First, say hello to Draco Malfoy.
This here is my final for stage make-up. We were supposed to do a photo reproduction with a gender reversal for extra points. So, here is haley as Malfoy. haha Isn't it great? Okay it could have been better, I know.  I mostly just wanted to make her malfoy so I could say "GIVE IT HERE MALFOY" to her in a british accent. haha she has about had enough. she's a champ.

I would just like to take a second to dedicate part of this post to my wonderful long-time friend and current roommate, Miss Haley Humphreys, aka-bug. 
Even though we were only roommates for one month, I feel that in that time we grew so much closer than I ever would have imagined. We have stayed up until 4 am and slept until noon far too many times for our own good, made late night wal*mart runs, and sang as loud as humanly possible. I am so grateful for the fun times we shared, and I am glad we can be friends. You have been such a lovely roommate and I have never had one single annoyance. :) I love you and I'm happy and grateful for the time we had together. 

Alright next up, 

I received the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive for Christmas last night, and it was even for a white elephant. 
are you ready?

12 MONTHS OF BIEBER!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, could life get any better? You'd better bet your ace I'll be usin' that thing.

This was at our Dixie Sun Staff Christmas party. This staff is so funny and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with them, even if only for one semester. I will miss you all! 
Here's a picture of (most of) the staff.

Well, 2 finals to go. Yay! :) I am going to soak up every last minute I have here.

Errbody is starting to leave :( My buddies Vince and Tyler headed home earlier today and bug is about to leave in a few minutes. awwww
But for now, I gotta go say bye to bug. :(

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