Monday, December 6, 2010

I am officially

A Blogcritic! Yay.

Okay so it's not that cool.
But I decided that since I will be taking some time off school, it would be smart for me to keep doing something to sharpen my writing skills. It's not hard to become a blogcritic, but it will be good practice for me. The website is a website full of thousands of articles and reviews on pretty much every topic. I will be writing random things for the site, I haven't really gone through all the rules I have been e-mailed yet. I am super excited and I will be posting all my articles. Those of you who are writers yourselves, or just really anyone, PLEASE feel free to comment/criticize, I need all the help I can get to become a better writer.

Errbody be preparin fo finals week. I love my cove buddies.
Meet Franky and Tyler.
two of the greatest people ever.
Franky is the tender, quiet kid on the left.. except when he talks its pretty loud. You can pretty much hear him talking from anywhere in our house, but it's fine.. because everyone loves him.
Tyler is one of my best friends. He is so hilarious.. there's really not much more to say besides that he is awesome.

Meet Vince.
This looks like an engagement picture...
Ok but seriously- probably one of my most favorite people of all time. He is literally the FUNNIEST kid ever. I'm pretty sure he doesn't ever think anything he doesn't say. Always bustin out the most random jokes.

Meet Josh.
He lives off top ramen and burritos. 
Is hilarious
and one of the most chill people ever.

Meet Shari.
She didn't know my name for the first 3 months I lived here, but still always talked to me.
She wears a "tool" necklace with a peter on it.. if you look closely you can see she is wearing it.

Mat and Cristhian
Mat doesn't really live here, but he pretty much does. Sweetest kid ever.
Cristhian is just a tender kid from Peru. love him.

Daniel- on the far left.
He doesn't live her either, but basically does.
Great artist. A man of few words. Amazing dancer.

This is only some of the people that live here, I will try to get pictures of the rest. They are the greatest. haha 

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