Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 a.m.

I'm officially moved home. Weirddddd.

Saying my goodbyes in St. George was surprisingly easy. I have a feeling come January it will be a different story with my friends here.

Ah, so the boy I talked about in my last post.. my long time crush. Well, we spent 2 magical days together to part ways probably to never see each other again. I think these two days served such an important purpose to me. It showed me that my once broken hearted self is ready to try again.. sometimes that's all you need, just a little kick.

Tonight was such a beautiful night. I got to see all of my favorite people! Betsy's brother's band Mountain Hymns played at Uncommon Grounds.. it was SO great. I loved it so much. Listen to them, they are so great!
   If you live in the Ogden area and you still have not been to Uncommon Grounds.. Go!! Their drinks are delish. I promise. Get the vanilla chai with caramel.. you will not be disappointed.

I could not be more content right now. I am so happy that I got to see all of the people that I saw tonight. I have a feeling that this next month is going to fly by while I am home.. let's make it great friends.

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