Wednesday, December 8, 2010

patient. fine. balanced. kind.

Time is winding down here in St Geezy! Crazy. Of course things start getting SO fun right when it's just about the end. Funny how that works.
I will definitely miss it here for certain reasons.. but I am looking forward to spending time with family and old friends for the next month before I move to San Diego!
Also, my New York Christmas is rapidly approaching! One more thing to cross off the bucket list. If only I could fall in love with a stranger there, that would be perfect.

I am looking forward to spending a good solid three weeks at Uncommon Grounds with Tracy Hutchison and Paige Sjoblom. Yep.

In my newspaper class today, my advisor was telling us about how she had a horrible prank played on her while in college.. A kid she had been dating took all the tires off her car and put them on the roof, along with crisco on the door handles covered in freshly shaved pubes. Apparently it didn't end well.

Haley (my roomie) and I decided to play a prank on our guy friends that live with us. It was kind of a lame one, we moved everything from the living room (plants, tables, chairs, etc) into their room. They didn't think it was very funny. Lame prank, I know. But we wanted to do something.
They got us back, ten times worse.
I came back to this tonight.........

Watch your backs boys.

Okay, I have a new musical obsession. Bon Iver. Marry me, please. Listen to this song, if you are a cool human being you will enjoy it. Apparently I am way behind on thinking this song is cool.. so you may already know it.

Life is good. :)

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