Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Safe Blogging Guidelines-ITLS 5205

This post is for my ITLS 5205 class

5 Safe Blogging Practices

1. Never give out any personal information.  
Just like with any other social media site, do not give out personal information. A good tip is to create an e-mail address specifically for your blog and use that as a contact. You never know who is going to read your blog (especially if it isn't private). 

2. Be careful of what you say.
The beauty of blogging is that it provides an easy way to exercise free speech. However, we must still practice cultural literacy especially when posting on the world wide web. Is this something you would say out loud in person? Be careful what you put on the internet because it is in writing, and writing is forever. That being said....

3. Never post a link to something you haven't personally read.
I don't really think much explaining is necessary here. You never know what it really says, if it's appropriate, or if it is something that even goes along with what you are trying to get across. Also, use reliable sources.

4. Be careful of how you portray yourself and others.
Mainstream media tends to give us false information (or not the entire truth) about most stories and people. Be sure to check your facts before making any claims about anyone or anything.

5. Always give constructive feedback.
Being able to comment and give advice is one of the biggest advantages to blogging and following blogs. Keeping a respectful and healthy discussion going is good for everyone involved. It is important to see multiple view points and healthy to debate. However, attacking someone's personal beliefs or (even worse) family, won't get you much respect. You'll probably end up looking like an ignorant jerk.


Source-      http://adifference.blogspot.com/2006/01/safe-blogging-resources.html

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