Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pedagogy of Blogs

This post is for my ITLS 5205 Class

The Pedagogy of Blogs

A blog is your unedited version of yourself.  We use them to share, create, learn and discuss. It is a huge community with everything from shopping lists and recipes to uncovering the truth about a media tainted issue.  They allow humans the ability to express themselves and discuss important issues.  However, blogs are used for more than just cakeball recipes and whining about the Presidential candidates. Blogs are becoming popular among educators worldwide.

Rachel Boyd- a 2nd year teacher in Auckland, New Zealand uses her blog to allow her students a creative outlet. She created a video that shares the reasons she allows her students to blog.

 The Mighty Writers of Arbor Heights Elementary School use their blog to show parents and other readers what they are up to. Their teacher, Mark Ahlness, posts many random pictures with the students' opinions or thoughts.  http://bit.ly/jAIkX

The Almighty Bloggers, 11 and 12 year old students from Auckland, New Zealand use their blog to update parents on what their accomplishments, adventures and homework assignments. http://bit.ly/zRZNRE Although the layout of this blog isn't the greatest, the content is great and the students seem to have a lot of fun.

Each of these teachers has a separate page for each child in the class to post his/her own thoughts. This gives the students a sense of identity and importance. It is also notable that each teacher allows for public comments and discussion. An open plane of discussion is crucial when it comes to learning. All view points are necessary. Keeping parents updated on events is beneficial because, in the past, with the exception of a couple Parent-Teacher Conferences...it has been up to the student to keep the parents in the loop.

Blogs seem to have an infinite number of uses, even for Rachel Boyd's 6 year old students in New Zealand.

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