Sunday, January 8, 2012

calm before the storm.

With such a bittersweet end to the holiday break, I am nestled in my cute comfy apartment in none other than Logan, Utah. So much happened this holiday season that it's hard to imagine it was only just 3 weeks ago that I was living this life. It is nice to be back in the swing of things with classes starting tomorrow and all of my Kappa Delta sisters back at Utah State where they belong. I am; however, super sad to have had to say goodbye to a special someone who lives on the opposite end of the state. I guess it wasn't goodbye so much as "see you soon." Real soon. I can't wait very long, I'm kind of a baby like that.  Despite that awful part about the holiday break ending, I am ready to take this semester head on and get things done. Between work, school, Kappa Delta (and of course, finding time to blog) my plate is loaded. Let's do it.

Here are some highlights from my holiday fun.. I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season :)

My girl friend Maddi and I at breakfast in St George.

Our room at Caesar's Palace! It was incredible.

Had to get the bathroom pic

Ty and I in Vegas

The girls. I have to make a sidenote that we had literally met these girls like 45 minutes before this picture was taken. They were the coolest girls ever. We went to the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale 5 minutes after we had met and shared a dressing room. haha I love people who you can instantly be friends with.

Dancing on Christmas Eve.. one of my favorite nights ever.

2 of my bros and I at dinner. Re-united never felt so good.


Tyler and I on Christmas Eve

my baby. Okay not MY baby but my nephew. Adorbs.

Josh and Jordan playing Dance Central 2 on Kinect... haha I had to post a pic cause they'd die if I posted the video :)

Betsy and I on New Years Eve... and Tyler photo bombing in the background

Tracy and I. I adore this girl.

I love these boys! I wish you lived closer.

Ty and I at my momma's 50th party

My momma and her kids at her 50th party... You make a ravishing 50 year old mom!

And last but not least... stuffed french toast that my mom made this morning.. Oh yummy.
I think it's time to eat lettuce for the next month. The holidays have ruined me haha. 

For all of my college friends and KD sisters, I wish you the best of luck with this semester and I cannot wait for the memories to come this semester :) 

For all of my other readers, a very happy new year to you. I love you all and appreciate your love and support. I wish you the best in 2012!! Better make it a good one.... if the Mayans are right, this is our last year on earth. haha.. crazies.

I love you all. xoxo

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