Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little chief.

I miss the good old days of doing nothing, of going to high school and having no other commitment besides cheering at the football game on friday night for a few hours. Things in life just don't seem to get easier, but human kind  likes to think life will always get better.
Not to be Ms. Pessimistic here, but I guess I am growing up and learning that life is full of responsibilities.. and, as we get older, they just seem to pile on like a heap of bricks. A lot of you are probably saying.. yeah, duh.. when did you figure that one out?
My question is: When do we lose our childhood? When did life start becoming all about business and texting and walking to class with our eyes glued to our phones or ipads?
Don't get me wrong.. I am not going to be one of those "I am going to move to a 3rd world country because this first world life is too commercial for me" people. I love my Ifunny app and hours of pandora as much as the next person. All I am saying is that I miss the days of being a kid..the days of the neighbors actually coming to your door to ask you if you can "play." Sometimes I wonder if kids these days still do that.

I can tell I am starting to get old when I stress about every. little. thing.
Lucky for me, I have a fantastic mother who has learned throughout her years that stressing isn't even worth it. I call her to complain about my "oh so stressful" life multiple times a week.. she tells me the same thing every time, "Everything will be okay."
Four words have never been so comforting.

Everything will be okay, no matter what.

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