Sunday, November 6, 2011


White Rose Weekend is under way! I cannot even begin to describe how great it has been.
First, the new members went through second degree (part 2 of 3 of initiation). Following that, we all went upstairs and found our Bigs, and ate cheese cake under the table.. apparently long ago the active members used to make the new members eat under tables, so it's a tradition. It's more of just a fun time than anything else.

My Twin and my Big..

Last night was my favorite part!! Our entire pledge class (all 33 of us) went to Wal*mart and were forced to stay together the entire time. Everyone had to get their treats, pillow making crafts and random other things. We had to come up with a class name and "trophy" so we chose Young and Flirty, 3 and 30. Our trophy is a laundry basket full of random items that make up a "flirty" woman. I was pretty sly at walmart and snuck away to get a bunch of stuff for the basket, or else we would have been there for hours. I am pretty proud of myself for that one.

 Our pledge class.

We seriously had the greatest night ever bonding, crafting and getting to know each other more, some more than others. haha. We played "never have I ever," and well, let's just say we all learned A LOT about each other.

I cannot think of anywhere else I'd rather be at this point in my life. I absolutely love every single one of these girls. This is exactly what I was dreaming about 6 months ago and now I am having the time of my life. Who knew I'd find it in little Logan Utah?

I love you girls.. just a few short hours from now we will be actives!

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