Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday lovin!

I should be sleeping, but I'm not. #collegelife  (I really hate hash tags but I just love doing them to be funny). This week has been so crazy, the busiest yet of the semester.
Monday we had our formal meeting for Kappa Delta along with the elections of our new council. I am extremely pleased to announce that I have been elected to the position of VP of Public Relations! It may not sound like much to some of you, but I wanted it so badly! I spent hours prepping for my interview and speech. I am so honored that my sisters chose me, especially as a new member. Thank You!

The rest of the week so far has been homework, work, more homework, etc. I am really excited for Saturday, Dad's Day! All the KD dads are coming up to Logan for the football game and dinner. It should be pretty fun.. speaking of dads......

this is the only picture I could find that was just of him..... haha
Dad- In honor of your birthday, 54 things I love about you.

I love.......

1. Your awkward face you make when you are being photographed
2. The fact that we like the same music
3. The fact that you call me "Nen."
4. How soft you get when your grandbabies are around
5. Your laid back attitude
6. Your University of Utah pajama pants
7. The fact that you dress like a tourist
8. Your driving speed
9. That you let me call you Bruce
10. That you still don't know how to type
11. when you call me asking questions about itunes
12. How you always know how to fix everything
13. Your middle name... haha- Joel.
14. Your patience with your crazy family
15. That you go along with all my shenanigans (or at least pretend to)
16. That you support all of your children
17. That you still try and speak Afrikaans
18. Your silver fox hair
19. Your awesome blue eyes (thanks for those :) )
20. That you make fun of people with me
21. That you work so hard every day for your family
22. That you always let me think I am right, even if I'm not
23. The way you say "brush a teevees"
24. That you still call all of us by our childhood nicknames 
25. On the home video where you say, "...and if you look closely, you can see a little train going by...."
26. That you're always fair
27. How you always turn the house into friggen Buchard gardens in the summer time
28. How much you give others
29.That you're always willing to take one for the team (even if it means letting me fart in the car so that my stomach doesn't hurt)
30. That you ran a marathon 
31. Your softball league
32. How much Drew loves you- and only you
33. How high tech you are becoming
34. The fact that you have facebook
35. How you never say anything bad about anyone
36. How supportive you are of PFLAG
37. How you have never once doubted my trust
38. the fact that you randomly know how to make homemade apple pie
39. How you have a cool smart phone that you never take anywhere with you
40. The fact that we are HeyTell friends
41. Your dedication to your parents
42. How obsessed you are with golf
43. How tender you are
44. The care-free and simple attitude you have about life
45. How one time you fell asleep on the toilet
46. How, when I am at home, I can always count on you to be sleeping on the couch with the TV on at about 4 am.
47. How you have bought the same pair of K-Swiss like 17 times
48. How you always seem to know about every subject I ask about
49. How you used to always say, "Yump in, Yiminees." I still don't quite understand it.
50. How much you love mom
51. How you always just know things will turn out okay
52. How little you expect from others
53. The fact that someday you'll be the one walking me down the aisle
54. You

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.



  1. Jenna, that was so tender. It made me cry!

  2. Jenna that is the nicest tribute I have ever received. I am truly blessed to have you as my little daughter I love you Dad

  3. hahahaha i loved that! I love bruce!

    i seriously busted out laughing when i read number 45. I was there the day that happened and I remember him coming out and telling us.... HAHAHA oh my gosh. good ole' bruce. what a good man.

  4. This is so cute, Nen! What a nice daughter you are.