Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week has been so much fun. We had Big/Little Reveal for Kappa Delta, it was lovely. In sororities and fraternities all new members get a "Big," I don't really know what its exactly for.. it's just a lot of fun.
Monday and Tuesday we got presents, treats, and clues about who our potential "Big" was. Tonight we had some more clues, and treats, and all the Bigs got a pair of matching shirts for them and their little. I fell in love with my Big the second I saw the shirt she made for me... because it wasn't a shirt, it was a cardigan!!! It could not have been more perfect for me.
After we all put on our new shirts, we ran up the stairs in the house where all the active members were, and found whoever was wearing the same shirt. I was so happy when I found out my big was Courtney Robinson! Yay! She was my number one choice and I am so pleased.
This all probably sounds dumb to a lot of you, but oh well.
Me and Courtney

So, my girl Shelby made a really cool thing that I want to copy (ha ha love you girl)... she made a "vision board" of things she wants to do, see, people she wants to meet, and things to achieve. You should check out her post about it. I will start working on it and give an update later...

The one thing I could use in life right now is a JOB. I am so poor it is sick.

On another note..... I miss this babies soooo bad lately. :(  They're getting so big!


  1. I love that my girls made your blog... you are missed... you will never believe the DRAMA!!!!! Call me and I will fill you in. OMG!!!!!

  2. Holla! Glad you are making a vision board! I love mine! they are the greatest!