Monday, October 17, 2011

one more time, with feeling.

 This past weekend was a little walk down memory lane, and I loved it. I visited the original "church" where my quickly made and life-long friend Betsy and I used to spend hours talking about the world, the future, and life on a deeper level than I ever had before. Saw some people who brought back emotions from the past.. and I thought to myself how strange life is. It seems to, at least for me, be separated into chunks of time and place. Dixie, home, dixie round 2, san diego, home again, and logan. Each place and time brought completely different experiences and emotions.  Thinking back on the past few years, I have realized that things are never as bad as you think they are, and you never know what kind of person the next place will mold you into.

It's strange how a single song, smell, person, or word can make you feel an emotion. Whether it's the joy I feel when I smell coffee on my back pack from being at a starbucks for hours on end doing homework, or the strange nostalgia I feel when I hear the song I listened to on repeat for days when I lost my first love.. There's something I have realized over time, and it's that feeling is beautiful. Whether you're extremely happy and content with life, or hating it with all your heart.. the important thing is that you're feeling something and experiencing the wonder of human emotion.

[Irresponsibly young, we let go.]

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