Saturday, October 1, 2011


Wow, so I said I would post more.. I have failed you already.  My apologies.

Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks.. I feel like in Logan time is unreal. That probably doesn't even make sense, but time flies here. That's good and bad I guess.

 I can't believe it's already October! Wow.. It feels like just a week ago I was boarding a plane in January to move to San Diego. Happy October though,  I hope it is a festive and fun-filled month for everyone. I am so incredibly lucky to be living in such a beautiful place for the fall season! It sucks to know that the wretched winter is around the corner, but I try not to think about it too much and just enjoy fall :) I drove to Ogden last weekend and I spied a hint of color within the trees. It made me so happy.. I haven't experienced a Northern Utah fall, a real fall, in 2 years! I never thought I'd miss it so much. 

Sardine Canyon- seriously? we live here?

Ahhhh New York City I can't wait! My Paigey and I will be boarding a plane in less than 3 weeks. I cannot wait to see our New York fall pictures. 

I'm bummed about the Aggie loss last night :( 

I just really really really hate BYU.

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