Wednesday, October 5, 2011

love post.

I love today.
I love today.
I love today.

I know everyone and their dog is posting and talking about the rain and how much they love it, but I really do. It's so amazing. On that note, I really don't like when people complain about what other people post on facebook/blog/tweet about, especially when people love something i.e- the rain. Let people love the rain! Let them be positive and express it how they wish.
Okay I'll come down from my soap box now. 

I'm just chillin at Starbucks right now listening to foreign people converse in accents. It's really quite beautiful. I love pumpkin spice season! Ahhhh I know I posted about fall last time but I really do love it and it's starting to feel even more like fall with this crisp air and light rain. 

Since I am just in the lovey mood.....

other things I love...

 1. Crossfit- Even though I pretty much dread going every day, I am always so happy after. If any of you need a new workout unlike anything you've ever tried, I recommend it! It's so great.
maybe one day I will look like this if I do it long enough....

2. Coffee Shop Study Sessions- There's nothing that makes me happier than going to a coffee shop and doing homework in the chill environment. I seriously sound like such a hipster, bahhh I'm sorry I'm really not trying to be. 

 I'm cool........
3. My family- I seriously cannot wait to see Joshua in like 2 and a half weeks, and Jason and his family for Christmas! Yay! I am also very lucky to live about a block away from my brother Jordan. <3 loveyoubrothas and of course mom and dad. They do so much for me, I am so incredibly lucky to have such a great family and so much support.

4. My friends and sisters- They are pretty much my family away from home, and I love them so much. We are together 24/7 and have so much fun. It never gets old being with them. loveyou.

5. Pinterest- It's honestly kind of disgusting how much I am on it. I have already tried to limit myself because I can get on that thing and time flies.. But I'm sure most of you know about it. It's so great!

6. Radical Face's new album "Family Tree: The Roots"
It just came out yesterday, and I am obsessed. I just barely downloaded it today and I am so giddy about it. Today is the perfect day for it, too. Yay!

7. Being Involved- I am one of those people who loves being busy. I love having things to do and being a part of something other than myself. 

8. My Mickey and Minnie Grilled Cheese Maker- you guys don't EVEN know. It is glorious. Paige and I make sandwiches all the time with that sucker and it makes them so delicious and cooked to perfection. Plus, they are shaped like minnie and mickey!

9. Dropbox- a fantastic way to share files, and it is SO incredibly easy. If you don't have an account, I suggest you get one. If we have the same music taste, we can share music too! 
10. Greek Yogurt- FAGE is the greatest brand, but if you can't find it.. get Brown Cow. They taste pretty similar and are the two healthiest brands of greek yogurt...without all the sugar and crap. You have to sweeten them though with Truvia/Stevia, whatev. Anyway, it's delicious.

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