Friday, September 2, 2011

oh hey, reality.

The first week of school is coming to a close, and all I can say is... WOW.
So, I am now a biology major... yay, right?  I was in tears after my first Chemistry lecture. Okay, not bawling.. but I was teary-eyed. My teacher is a (insert naughty word here). He is literally too smart for his own good, one of those teachers who is simply too smart to teach a subject to students. He just expects everyone to get what he is rambling about.

So, I came to the conclusion that I will be teaching myself Chemistry this semester from the book. Yay? this is me right now......
I'm sure you'll all be updated on my chemistry trials and triumphs (ha, if I have any triumphs) throughout the semester.

It's really stressful being back in school, being a poor college student in complete debt again... but I just have to remember how badly I wanted this. I'm appreciating it and living in every moment.
I can't believe how much more student activity/life there is at Utah State compared to Dixie. I'm already loving it a lot more, and I've met 10x more people here in the first week than I did the entire year there.

I am super excited for the weekend, The Rocket Summer (aka- my 9th grade JAM) is coming to USU.. So that will be fun. My girl Tracy is coming up to visit and have a church/stedy sesh on Sunday at Starbuckssssss.

pretty much my life has been class, gym, library, eat, sleep... repeat.
Welcome back, Jenna. Enjoy it.

On another note, sometimes I wish that I could have an anonymous blog to tell you all of the things that I really want to share..

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