Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I feel like it's been a minute.
Hmmm.... what's new?

- My parents and bro came to visit this past weekend, it was a lot of fun. We went to SeaWorld and pretty much all over San Diego. SeaWorld was nice to see once, but to be honest I don't get why people travel from all over to go there again and again. It wasn't that cool.
 For those of you nerds like me who watch the travel channel and have seen Man vs. Food... you will appreciate this. We went to Lucha Libre, a little taco shop that was on Man vs. Food and we sat in the Champion's Booth. It is a gold booth in the corner that is roped off and reservations are required for it. It is also the only table in the place that is waited on. All the other people just go get their own food and wait in line forever. It was nice but everyone, and I mean everyone was staring. Oh, we also got to ring a bell when we needed something... that added to the staring.

It was nice to have the fam in town to go around and do a bunch of fun things with. I will post pics soon, mom i need them from you!

-I go to Pennsylvania tomorrow to see my bro and his family!! i can't wait :) I have missed those babies.
hahahah look how creepy Jason looks in this.

-Now I am just trying to get registered for a class or two at the community college.. yay school. 

sorry this update is lame everyone. I will post more after my trip.

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