Wednesday, April 6, 2011

jenna the mom.

I better explain my last post a little bit.
Okay, I love Taylor (the 20 month old).. but newborns are just not fun. They can't tell you what they need or want. It gets frustrating, I can totally see how people shake their babies. That is probably the most terrible thing I have ever said.. and it's not like I ever would shake a baby. All I'm saying is that I get it.

Moving on.

This week has been lovely. Yesterday we went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens.. they are really pretty, but nothing compared to Butchart Gardens in Canada. Seriously don't ask me why I've been there. I don't know.
 Just a comparison-

San diego

Butchart (even though this picture looks like it has been saturated)

Also- yesterday I had baby H in the "Ergo".. kind of like a baby bjorn, where you hold the baby in front of you.. most glorious thing ever. She just sits in there contently and I can still get things done. I think this is the moment where I truly felt like a mom. ha ha ha 

I have date number 3 with the beautiful man this week. We will see how it goes ha ha I am such a creep for blogging about it. 


  1. i love everything about this. only because i totally know how you feel about being a mom. i first felt like a mom when i started attending playdates and gossiping with everyone else's mom. i love that you call yourself a creep hahah this makes me happy!