Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belated Vacation Post

So, this summer I had the lovely opportunity to go to Europe.  My Parents and I took off for Brussels, Belgium early July and returned 2 weeks later with another member of the family.  My brother Jordan came home from his mission. Yay!  While in Europe, we visited so many amazing places.  Brussels, Belgium; Brugge, Belgium: one of my favorites! Paris, Strausbourg, France; Frankfurt, Munich, and Fussen, Germany.. My very favorite place. We also went to Amsterdam and a few other cities in the Netherlands. I also learned quite a bit about European culture...
1. Europeans drink sparkling water. It is awful. It is rare to find a place that will give you normal water.
2. European food is not so great.. I'll just leave it at that.
3. Almost everybody who lives there speaks at least 2 languages! Amazing.
4. They really DO shave their armpits.
5. They take hours to eat a meal, but I appreciate it.
6. They close everything at 6 pm, so that everyone can enjoy their evening.. a tradition I think us Americans could learn a lot from.
 I loved this trip so much! I am so lucky to have gone. here are some pics from the adventure!
Pictures do not do this justice.

A cool guy I saw playing the accordion and wearing wooden shoes in Holland

mmmm.....Belgian Waffle

This lady was just some tourist who knew the song the guy was playing so she started singing with him

German Pretzels..

Holland was all decked out for the World Cup

Welcome Home Elder Black

A Windmill in Zaanse Schans, NL

The view from our B&B in Fussen, Germany. Beautiful.

Brugge, Belgium

A windmill in Brugge, Belgium

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen. It is the castle that the Sleeping Beauty castle was modeled after.

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