Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to the south.

This weekend was great! Also, sucky. I HATE CAR PROBLEMS.
So, Patsy (my car) has been leaking anti-freeze for the last few weeks, I had to get home this weekend.. so Patsy had to be temporarily fixed. AKA- The guy at autozone put puddy over the hole in the antifreeze tank. Yes, Puddy.
So that worked for the 5 hour drive home.. but then the car needed to be really fixed.
20 hours of labor and $800 later, Patsy is still being a mean girl.
So I rode the good ol St. George Shuttle back down here! Yay! haha oh dear.

But... The weekend up north was great, despite my car troubles. I had dinner with my boys Friday night at Tepanyaki, weirdest chef ever. Told us his life story about getting kicked out of his house at the age of 16.. Aria did his courtesy laugh every time the chef talked to us. hahah courtesy laughs.
  DEF: Courtesy laugh:   When someone tells a really long story that really has no point to it at all and at the end you make a little chuckle, giggle, or laugh out of courtesy.

I love these people more than anything.

Saturday I headed up to Logan to hang out with my USU friends. I miss them so much! We went to the game and had a baby with us.. that was a trip. haha awesome. All in all a good weekend, I finally  made it back to St. G this morning.. and I'll be heading back north in 4 days for the marathon! Yipeeeee

My gurrrrrl Shae. I look like an Aggie. Pah, Almost.

I love these people!

Everyone at the game

Almost as hot as the girls behind us

Da girls.

Me and Aub cakes.

My boi J.G. 

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