Friday, April 12, 2013

bout damn time.

It is about damn time I blog again. I haven't said a word since November, I apologize... not that my posts are too interesting.

Here's the update-

I am so over school, I absolutely cannot wait to graduate (in 3 weeks from tomorrow, EEK!) I cannot believe my college career is coming to a bittersweet (mostly sweet) end.

Yes, I was a total nerd and did college senior pictures. In my defense, a huge reason I did them was because I look soooo different than i did in high school. Plus, in my opinion, graduating from college is a much bigger deal than high school and should be treated as such.

Here you go- On the left is high school Jenna, and (Thank God) I found my way back to blonde hair. It looks much better on me. Also- I don't know what I was thinking with those extensions in high school, haha. 

So the real world begins in a few weeks- The verdict is still out on where I will be come summer. I am beginning to think that wherever I'm meant to be, I'll end up. It's just hard trusting the universe enough to chill out and let go.

My goal is to start blogging regularly again. So you'll all be hearing from me again soon.

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