Thursday, November 8, 2012

short one.

It is about friggen time I blog again. I tried to talk myself into believing I should exclusively use Tumblr only, but not enough of you have jumped on that wagon yet. So, here I am again.

Geez, what to say after so long. I could rant about the election like the rest of the social media world, but I will save you the anxiety of reading more politishit.

Life is good, I can't believe I graduate in 6 months. Holy cow. I tried to avoid the "real world" by convincing myself to stick around an extra semester and run for another council position with Kappa Delta, the universe was not on my side for that one and slapped me in the face a few times telling me "Get the hell out." I kind of love events like that, where you just know you're supposed to be doing something else. The hard part is not knowing exactly why. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

As for now: I have jumped on The Walking Dead band wagon, love when my mom makes me cupcakes, am over school, and still worship Starbucks.

Oh, and I am obsessed with Lana Del Rey.

Happy Thursday :)

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