Monday, June 11, 2012


I decided to delete my other blog.. It was kind of useless, since I have this one.

Living in New York City definitely isn't easy, and I have only been here a week. It's enough for a Utah girl to adjust to the east coast lifestyle.. but when things are rocky back home it makes it a rough ride. Luckily I have a cute pug to cuddle with.
   Don't get me wrong people. I am pretty lucky to be in the concrete jungle interning for a fantastic company. My favorite is walking around the financial district at lunch and being one of the few people in casual attire.
There's really nothing like New York City. It's an incredible place with so much to do and see.

Instead of yacking on-- here are some photos from the weekend!

Some sweet street art

 The BAM- coolest movie theatre.

Little Italy

We were artsy and went to the Guggenheim

 Washington Square Park

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