Friday, May 25, 2012


Yay for Birthdays!!! Happy Birthday Rachelle and Julie!

This is me and Rachelle. Rachelle loves whales. Love is an understatement, actually. She eats mac n cheese at Noodles like nobody's business. She is pretty cool and I am sort of obsessed with her. We are basically the same person so that instantly makes her great. I love you Rachelle! Happy Birthday!

Oh hey, Julie. Julie loves music almost as much as I do. Okay probably the same. She shares my love for Bon Iver, which means major bonding points. Julie loves bbq wheat thins. Julie has really cute hair that I am jealous of, even though one time she tried to ombre it herself.. using one of those DIY Youtube videos.... it was a disaster and I got to see :) muahahah. I love you Julie! Happy Birthday!

My birthday was fantastic! I appreciate everyone that made it so great. Tyler and I got to go indoor skydiving and it was so much fun.. even though they only give you 2 minutes of flying time. It's still great :) I loved it and I want to do it again already.

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  1. YAYYYYYY i LOVE my shout outs! I really do love whales! and i love you as much as them.. well, almost!