Monday, May 24, 2010

Marathons and Babies

Two saturdays ago I had the opportunity of throwing a shower for one of my childhood best friends!  I can't believe I am old enough to have friends having kids/getting married/engaged. crazy stuff! She definitely has the "pregnant glow," she looked absolutely gorgeous. here are a few photos from the shower. 

Okay, so I don't have adobe photoshop yet, (I am a starving college student, what do you expect?) So my editing isn't amaaazing, but hey.. I try. So please enjoy my pictures anyway :)
This last saturday was a very special day, I went to the Ogden marathon to support one of my friends, and my best friend's mom as they ran the 26.2 miles through Ogden Valley, Ogden Canyon, and Ogden City. Those people are awesome, I give props to anybody who runs a marathon. I hope to do it one day, don't hold me to it though. haha

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